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Many of these photos make you want to see what's "over there". That's what we'll help you answer. 

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 Why 360° video


The use of 360º video is rapidly changing the fields of visual mapping and GIS. New applications for it’s use are being found every day as the cloud, web delivery and VR methods continue to grow. 

Through programs such as Google Street View, still photography is now ubiquitous and the successful companies of today are expecting ready access to new forms of visual data in support of their planning, design, construction and operational needs. 

Improvements in lens technology, processing software, editing tools, tagging/linking in the imagery and UAV's are all occurring at a much faster rate than the other viewing technologies out there. 

At Immersive Video Solutions, we've addressed these needs by bringing a full set of camera and software technologies to the workplace. Whether it be the desktop, tablet, phone, a conference room or the web, we provide our clients the ability to look around as if they were actually onsite so you can share it with everyone involved in your project.

Utilizing 360° video as part of your project management or response tools lower costs by reducing the number of trips to the field, gives more users access to more imagery and since they all can look around independently, you're ensuring that everyone’s working from a common visual understanding of your field site, facility, routes, or maybe a disaster. 

We know your projects involve a number of different companies to bring them through the design, permit and build processes so having the ability to look around as if you’re onsite, tag items in the video, measure, point/click/save/send and other tools is a tremendous asset for engineers, designers, regulatory staff, and other important stakeholders.

Every year we work with more consulting, engineering and design firms, construction companies and state/local governments. As they continue to find applications to incorporate spherical video into their project workflows, Immersive Video Solutions is providing them the content, saving them time and money.

On the following pages you’ll find some basic information about our services and technologies. Please give us a call to discuss your project needs and we’ll get started on a solution.

Immersive Video is committed to providing innovative and advanced 360° hardware and software solutions to our clients. Designed with open platform capabilities, OUR tools fit easily with third party hardware and software to support your project needs.