• ​Pair immersive video with floor plans, blueprints, maps or other documents allowing users to look around as they move along a route.

• Ideal for managers of industrial, real estate, and commercial properties. 

• Support training and maintenance efforts, asset management, client discussions

• Provide emergency responders a full set of visual data by showing them the route before they enter. 

•​Transition from an aerial immersive view to a ground or interior view in full motion video with the click of a mouse.

• Standard video player functions​.

• Easy to imbed on your website

• Platform based version

• Imbed links or data in the imagery

• Narration compatible

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows users to import and integrate their immersive videos into ESRI, Adobe Flex and other project management software.

Immersive routes are imported as a layer and clicking at a point on the map loads the spherical video and still images specific to the GPS coordinates. 

Mapping Software

Your project may be aerial, road, static or ATV based but you know it's a lot more than you could see in the short time you could get your team out there. Let us bring it into the office for you by collecting the imagery and linking it to your project data. 

GeoImmersive Viewer

• Travel icon, compass, grab and drag map

• Dropdown menu for separate clips

• Map markup and measurement tools.

• Tags, hotspots, map layering.

• Lat/Long, frame # and other tools.

• Point/click/save geo referenced photos.

Projects involve a huge amount of data to accomplish. Maps, pictures, lists, diagrams, reports, alternatives and more. Even with all the print information available to us, we're still visual creatures and want to see "it" in order to best understand what all this information means. At Immersive Video Solutions, we know the importance of being able to look around as if you're there and we link that capability to your other project information for you.

We have a wide variety of software from single pane viewers, desk and web based mapping solutions, programs that link to Google Maps, MapQuest, ESRI to smartphone and mobile apps.  We specialize in the development of custom tools and screen design


Interiors and Grounds

Having been associated with geo referenced  spherical video mapping for over a decade, we're familiar with your needs and continue to develop new tools and software.  

Give us a call and let's discuss how to bring your project to the computer screen. 

Imbedding Spherical Video

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