Pretty cool eh?
​If you'd like to know more, please give us a call and we'll share our experience.

With the development of 360Heros, we can provide the equipment and support the opportunity for you to to gather 360 spherical imagery yourselves. Enjoy!!

 360 Hero

​As you'd imagine, at Immersive Video we're all about seeing everything and using the best technologies to do it.

While our core business is in mapping large projects, routes and facility sites and that's taken us around the world, we're also about bringing amazing places and events to peoples computers, smartphones, VR glasses and other viewing formats.

If you're a GoPro person, you'll understand why being able to look all around is so fantastic. You've seen some incredible places and now you can see a whole lot more. 

We're pleased to offer the new 360Heros unit which utilize GoPro cameras along with customized housings and software. ​​​

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