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Ensure everyone’s working from a common understanding of your project corridor or site through the use of geo-referenced 360° video and our LIDAR/Ortho photo technologies.


We have an experienced team of videographers, our production and client support staff understand how immersive video changes what you're used to working with for visual data. We've been taking our clients to their projects since 2005. 

We utilize state of the art 360° camera, lidar, Fodar and orthophotography technology to capture high resolution, geo-referenced imagery. We can integrate this imagery and other meta data into a variety of industry and client software options or develop a custom viewing experience for you. 

We operate in every configuration from planes, helicopters, balloons and marine vessels, to tire and tracked ATV vehicles, tripods, backpacks and occasionally gravity (on purpose).

​Since we record spherically and the viewer can look around with their mouse, nothing is missed.

​Provide your project team every bit of visual information you can with immersive video.

We've provided some general information on the following pages but always feel free to contact us for more detailed information or demo content.

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​We'll update videos on our site regularly so if there's something you'd like to see, let us know. 


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Immersive Video Solutions is the industry leader in the delivery of viewer controlled 360° geo referenced video for pipelines, roads, utilities, mining, emergency response and facility mapping. We take you to your project site by recording the entire view and placing it on your computer, tablet, conference room or smartphone screens.