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Emergency RESPONSE

IVS was founded by a team of professional response managers so we have a clear understanding about how important it is to have visual information when making tactical decisions. And how that can impact the safety of your responders.

There’s no better way to quickly understand and begin managing an emergency than to utilize 360°, viewer controlled Immersive video as part of your response tools.

You have a wide variety of responders from field teams to the emergency operations center who need to quickly come up to speed on the situation. You need information quickly and a lot of it.

Immersive video allows response managers to look around as if they’re onsite. That means you’re using the best available technology to decide if “We understand the nature and magnitude of the incident and do our responders have all the information they need to be safe and effective”?

How many of us who have responded to emergencies said to ourselves, “Well this would have been nice to know!”. IVS provides response mangers and tactical teams with the full picture of the containment site, hallway, remote facility, pipeline or other locations.

Response operations are safer because everyone involved in the decision can look at the area before establishing entry plans, containment tactics, response objectives and PPE and other equipment needs. 


•​ Are your resources deployed effectively?

•​ Just how widespread is the damage?

•​ Are traffic corridors open?

•​ What kind of equipment would best support the response  immeditly and for the next few days?

​Our extensive background in crisis management and advanced 360° video imaging systems means we quickly come to understand the unique planning, response, communication and training needs of our clients. We can also imbed experienced staff with backgrounds in response to help you utilize the imagery and tools even more effectively. 

360 LIVE and Remote

Operate our systems in LIVE mode and use the Immersive imagery to help with at scene tactical response planning and decisions.  

•​ Aerial to the Command Center

•​ Test 

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Training and Contingency Planning

Our company was founded in the desire to develop better situational awareness and response training tools. We understand how to integrate the viewer controlled video into training materials, response plans, geographic databases and other tools. Let us show you all the ways we can help keep your team safe.  

• Tag key features.

• Allow trainees to look around so they understand the entire


Save training dollars by taking students on a fully Immersive tour through a facility, inside of operating, equipment, to a disaster site.


They’ll be immersed in the situation when they respond so immerse them in the training environment  too.

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